Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tommie Nieman's Photos

David and Sara in Elizabeth's Garden.

Elizabeth's Garden.

Sara and Tommie walking.

Beautiful pink flowers.

Whole lotta racin' goin' on.

Bobby and Sara.

Taking pictures before the race.

Amy and Emma. Emma won our raffle prize!

Team Nieman-Anderson-Farris.

Hooray Aunt Kathy!
Taking names for the raffle.

Bobby Nieman.

Amy and Emma checking out her prize.

Another team's t-shirt.

And your name is...

Mingling before the the team photo.

Madison, Sara, and Joshua.

Joslyn at the starting line.

Almost at the first turn.

Starting the race.

Cheerleaders with cool socks!

It was so windy that Emma looks like Cousin It!

Our 2008 t-shirt.

How does this camera work?

That's one pink lady!

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