Friday, June 5, 2009

Bling Party Photos

Here are the pics from last night's Bling Party. Everyone was very creative!

Mary Kimble-Hellen's tribute to Keith.

Sara Anderson's tribute to her Aunt Kathy Capitelli.

Katie DeBowsky knows what's important.

Tommie Nieman hearts her friend Linda Long.

Charli Gackle has 2 family members that she celebrates.

Hard at work.

Jayme Lynch's Aunt Cissi is fondly remembered.

Let's bling!

Top designers at work. Very serious stuff.

Good times.

Candice Strickland remembers her friend, Kitty.

Candice's masterpiece in progress.

Dorian Dickens and Candice Strickland are brainstorming the perfect tribute.

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